Today there are countless games of both Asian and European origins of popular online casinos. Asian Online understands the casinos are massive continent which accounts for nearly 60 % of the world’s population. Depending on which nation you live in language, currency and unique gambling laws. This can be a confusing topic, most of China’s population will want to use casino that accept debit cards. Those in Thailand are looking for casinos that accept baht and transfers from Thai banks.

Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games one of the biggest innovations in online gambling in recent years is the advancement of the technology live dealer. Live dealer games allow players to make bets on their computers for games that are already taking place live on physical games table with human dealer. Using the newest Webcam technology you will see attractive female dealer deal the cards, spin the wheel, or throwing dice. There is usually a chat box where you can chat with the dealer as well. Much of the live dealer games it’s easy to confirm games are 100% honest.

In general, the games can play with the dealer lives in Asia is Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and Sic Bo. One site is supporting all these games which you can visit the website for more information and join ion club where we can explain how to play all those games here.

Casino Games with Asian Origins

When it comes to Asian Games Casino, some played online for real money while others don’t. Some of the games that usually fail real money casinos, those already available on:

  • Baccarat – this is my most popular game played in Asia. In fact, in 2011 and it accounted for 91.4 percent of all gambling revenues in Macau, is the focus of บาคาร่า Casino universe. That 100 % of Asian casinos baccarat games selection available. Some even offer free Gambling Commission called variant, while most shopkeeper baccarat games as well.
  • Mahjong – originating in China, where it invented by more than 2500 years, Mahjong today remains one of the most popular games. This is not only true in China but also in Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, and Hongkong. While technically not a casino game, available online in several formats.
  • Sic Bo – Sic Bo played in Macau Casinos under this name, but can be found in other places such as the Philippines under the name Hi-Lo. It is also popular in the United States because Chinese immigrants there back in the 20th century, and played in the United Kingdom after obtaining the approval of that Committee in 2002. As mentioned, this game can be played with online live dealer.
  • Pai Gow Poker – referred to in the introduction to this section very difficult Chinese dominoes games found online for real money. However, Pai Gow Poker version is so Most casino sites include this game. This includes Vietnamese Casinos Poker version is also very popular with Vietnamese players.
  • Other “games” – one of the best features of online gambling sites. Some other games this article might not yet covered which are available in Macau, as well as on the Web, include Blackjack, the Caribbean Poker, three card poker, war and waste, Roulette, Keno and video poker. Beyond these there are dozens if not hundreds more like let it ride, red dog Poker and Casino games that are popular are much lower than those already mentioned.

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